Sump Pump Systems

Pro Series Pumps has a long-standing commitment to delivering reliable and efficient pumps and accessories to their customers. They achieve this through their use of high-quality components and design that maximizes pumping capacity, energy efficiency, and durability. As a leader in green technology, their patented switches, controllers, and advanced monitoring systems are testament to their innovative engineering.

Distrocan and PRO SERIES Sump Pumps have partnered in the Montreal area, sharing a mutual philosophy focused on providing customers with dependable and cost-effective products at unbeatable prices.


Warranty begins on the day our products are installed by a licensed plumber

Personalized private labeling on our controllers and wifi units

Flexibility to mix and match between switches and controllers for our S Series and ST series pumps

*Backup Combo Pumps can add a Wi-Fi Module

Hassle-free swap out policy for pumps under warranty


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Sump Pumps

Switches and Controllers

Wi-Fi Module