Backup Combo Pump

Backup Combo Pump

3 Year Warranty

Key Features

  • ST1033 Primary—Pumps 2770 GPH at 10 feet
  • PHCC-1850 Backup—Pumps 1850 GPH at 10 feet

The new design of the combination systems

  • Allows for installation in smaller pits and for easy adjustment of the floats
  • Lowers the height of the “Y” to accommodate shorter pits
  • Mounted both float switches to the float-stick, a ¾-inch pipe is included in the box
  • Designed for use with wet-cell or maintenance-free batteries
  • Can accommodate two standby batteries to double the run time
  • Socketed dual float switches for added reliability and ease of installation
  • Unique 24-hour-a-day monitoring controller sounds an alarm if maintenance is needed and runs pump weekly to test for proper operation
  • USB data port and remote terminals connects to external devices such as Pro Series Pumps CONNECT Modules, home automation systems, and other devices for remote notification
  • OPTIONAL 20-foot cord available for backup pump, controller and float switches

ST1033 Primary Pump Specifications

Motor HP1/3 HP
GPM @ 10 Feet46
GPH @ 10 Feet2770
Max Head29 ft / 8.8 m
Discharge1.5 in / 3.8 cm
Amps @ 10 Feet3.8
Weight17 lbs / 7.7 kg
Width7.5 in / 19.1 cm
Depth5 in / 12.8 cm
Height13.8 in / 34.9 cm

PHCC – 1850 Backup Pump Specifications

Motor HP1/3 HP
GPM @ 10 Feet30
GPH @ 10 Feet1850
Amps @ 10 Feet12
Combo Dimensions
Weight32 lbs / 14.5 kg
Width8.9 in / 22.6 cm
Depth11.0 in / 27.9 cm
Height26.8 in / 60.2 cm

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