GEOMAX Geogrid

GEOMAX Geogrid

Geomax GeoGrid is made with High Tenacity Polyester Yarn Coated With Water-Soluble PVC. Geomax GeoGrid is used for:

Retaining Walls: construct mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls. Geomax Geogrid provides the necessary strength to retain soil behind the walls, allowing for steeper wall angles and reducing the need for large volumes of fill material.
Slope Reinforcement: For slope stabilization, Geomax GeoGrid helps in reinforcing the soil, preventing landslides, and soil erosion. Geomax GeoGrid enables the construction of steeper slopes by providing additional support.

Biaxial 30KN, PVC coated
4′ x 350′
Code: GEOMAXGG4350


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