Delta-Vent SA

Delta-Vent SA

Offering exceptional performance, DELTA®-VENT SA is a three-layer water-resistant barrier and air barrier. With its high permeability, watertight construction, and strong self-adhesive properties, this product guarantees effective safeguarding against wind-driven rain.

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  Two outer layers are made of a high-strength, spun-bonded polypropylene fabric
  Outer layers are thermally bonded to a highly vapor-permeable, watertight, polymeric middle layer
  Adhesive is applied to the bottom layer of polypropylene
  Dramatically exceeds the most stringent requirements of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) based on the results of ASTM E2357 – 11 Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage of Air Barrier Assemblies
  Exceeds the requirements of a 60-minute Grade D building paper
  Passes ASTM D1970 Nail Sealability test for sealing around fasteners
  Class A fire rated
  Sizes offered: 4’ 11” x 115’ (1.5 m x 35 m), 9.75 ” x 115′ (0.25 m x 35 m), 19.5″ x 115′ (0.5 m x 35 m)
  Vapor permeable; moisture within the building enclosure can escape through the membrane via diffusion
  Fully adhered to the substrate, no fasteners are required, eliminating leaks and improving the performance of the building enclosure with increased airtightness, making it ideal for energy-efficient construction
  Lightweight and tear resistant, the membrane withstands the rigors of job sites, as well as tough wind and weather
  The only self-adhering WRB and air barrier with the security of a self-adhesive edge lap, allowing easy installation
  Installed outboard of the sheathing prior to the application of the final cladding system
  May be adhered to concrete, masonry, OSB, plywood, or exterior-grade drywall
  Where required, DELTA® Primer LVC or DELTA®-ADHESIVE is available.


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