Ensuring the protection of your foundations against water and moisture is of utmost importance. With DELTA®-MS, a dimpled membrane employing exclusive Air-gap Technology, you can ensure the long-lasting dryness of your basements. This membrane is manufactured using a co-extrusion process and features offset dimples, resulting in enhanced compressive strength and impact resistance. Comprised of 60% recycled and 40% virgin materials, DELTA®-MS outperforms other membranes typically made solely from 100% recycled materials and sprays, ensuring superior performance and long-lasting protection.

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  Dimpled membrane made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  A co-extruded product – 60% recycled HDPE and 40% virgin HDPE
  Virgin HDPE outside layer and recycled HDPE core make it the most durable dimpled membrane on the market
  Vacuum-formed dimpled pattern allows incidental water to flow into footing drain
  Available in many sizes for easy installation on various foundation heights
  Impermeable to water and water vapor, keeping basements dry
  Meets all building code requirements in the USA and Canada
  Two lines of defense against water intrusion: dimpled membrane provides capillary break; air-gap allows incidental water to freely drain by gravity
  Eliminates interior dampness and musty odors
  Reliably bridges foundation cracks and deflects soil moisture, unlike asphaltic sprays
  Continues to function even if foundation shifts or cracks
  No unpleasant chemical odors or harmful VOCs
  Resists damage from backfill, like rocks and debris
  Installs in all types of weather
  Declare Label: Red List Free


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