Delta-Dry & Lath

Delta-Dry & Lath

By installing a rainscreen and lath as separate components, extra fasteners are needed, leading to higher labor costs. However, the DELTA®-DRY & LATH presents a convenient solution as a combined product that integrates the reliable DELTA®-DRY rainscreen technology with an inventive fiberglass lath. This all-in-one system provides comprehensive moisture control and lath functionality in a single, streamlined installation process.

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Ventilated rainscreen with pre-installed glass lath for manufactured stone and conventional stucco claddings
Rainscreen membrane with Air-gap Technology made of a special High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Alkali-resistant glass lath that replaces wire lath for application of scratch coat
Two-sided drainage and ventilation through a unique dimple and groove design
DELTA®-DRY & LATH is easy, safe, and quick to install
• The 2-in-1 solution reduces labor costs when used with claddings requiring scratch coat
• DELTA®-DRY & LATH has a pre-installed glass lath, which makes it ideal for installing absorptive claddings
• Drainage and ventilation through the air gap on the interior and exterior side of the membrane
• Long-term structural integrity due to a reduced potential for water
• The pre-installed, alkali-resistant glass lath is in compliance with ICC-ES AC 275 (MVMA requirements)
Meets ASTM E2925-17 (Standard Specification for Manufactured Polymeric Drainage and Ventilation Materials Used to Provide a Rainscreen Function)


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