DELTA®-DRAIN is an exceptionally efficient drainboard designed to manage the movement of subterranean water. With its impressive water-flow capacity, it ensures optimal drainage performance. This versatile product is suitable for a wide range of applications in residential and light commercial construction projects.

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• 2-layer dimpled membrane
• Composed of recycled polypropylene
• Typar fabric-heat bonded to dimples
• Outstanding compressive strength and impact resistance
• Polypropylne drainage core allows incoming water to freely drain to the footing perimeter
• Dimple pattern provides high compressive strength and acts as a highly effective protection layer for the waterproofing material during backfill
• The heat-bonded polypropylene geotextile is securely bonded to dimple crowns by a thermal process for lasting durability and performance, and provides superb filtering performance
• The geotextile is rot-proof, highly water permeable and prevents clogging of the flow passages in the drainage core. The result: continuous drainage of incoming water to the footing perimeter
• Stabilized against chemical and environmental stress cracking
• Tough and durable, the dimpled sheet can endure the rigors of jobsite installation
• Available in 6′ and 8′ wide rolls, DELTA®-DRAIN is the largest size drainboard available on the market today, making installation quick and easy


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